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BEAUTY - hairstylist, make-up artist, esthetician, nail technician 
FASHION - apparel, jewelry
HEALTH & WELLNESS - nutritionist, personal trainer, group fitness, health coach, physical or mental therapy  
REAL ESTATE - property and real estate managers, sales representatives
HOME IMPROVEMENT, TRADE - residential construction, carpenters, painters, general contractors
INSURANCE - insurance agents
INTERIOR|EXTERIOR DESIGN - interior decorator, landscape design
EVENTS - catering, bartending, event decoration, event planner, venue
TRAVEL - travel agents
PHOTO|VIDEOGRAPHY - photography, film and video editors
MAKER/CRAFTER - handcraft, 
HOSPITALITY - restaurants, catering
MARKETING, ADVERTISINGsocial media specialists 
SELF IMPROVEMENT - life coaching, business coach
FINANCIAL ADVISORfinancial advisors

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