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Meet Sarah

Sarah Dylan Jensen manages three of the largest farmer’s markets in Snohomish County and how did this all come about? Well kind of like how BLOS started, it fell into Sarah's lap when she didn’t even realize it was something she was capable of. In this next year, 2024, it will be 10 years that Sarah has been the Snohomish Farmers Market’s manager and director, taking it from 30-40 vendors each week to an average of 110. Or if higher numbers are more your thing, taking it from 280k revenue to a 1.1 million this last season!

Navigating that big dark period that we all know as "Covid" was a challenge for a lot of small businesses, but somehow Sarah managed to open the Lake Stevens Farmers Market at this time, averaging 80 vendors each week and bringing in over $400k in vendor revenue during the pandemic.

Sarah has built amazing rapport with so many groups and influential people and really embodies that of community, connection, relationships, and collaboration. Between her work with Snohomish Pride, Historic Downtown Snohomish Association, Kla Ha Ya Days, the City of Lake Stevens and so many more, it is no wonder why these markets are successful…Sarah is constantly trying to improve relations for the betterment of shopping, her vendors, and supporting local!

As a native of Alaska, it is really important to Sarah that we are one with the earth. One of the biggest ways that mother earth provides for us is through food, so while being a Farmer’s Market manager fell in her lap, I along with many others can agree that she truly found where she needs to be.

To add to the many things that keeps Sarah busy, this year she began her podcast journey where she shares "the why behind the10x10 tent and how her job is weird, but worth it". It so fun to listen to and it was even more fun to be guest on her podcast earlier this year. It is through The Market Maven podcast that I have been able to learn more deeply about farmer’s markets, local residents, and market manager and resources on a national level.

Some comments her peers said about her:

“Sarah is one of the most amazing human beings…ever! Even though I have only known her for a short while, every interaction I have had with her has been positive, encouraging, and supportive. Watching her take risks and put herself out there is inspiring and gives me the courage to do the same. Sarah is the definition of lady boss!”- Ashley Elzea

“Sarah is an incredible woman, powerhouse business woman and someone that we all look up to. She brings joy to every room that enters and spreads BLOS love to anyone that will listen. She more than deserves this award”. – Rachel Beyer

Lastly, I would like to add my personal testimonial of Sarah and how building a friendship with her has had an impact on me personally. Her ideas, perspectives, and opinions really matter to me and I always take it to heart, both professionally and personally. Her experiences have taught me to be a better business woman and a better human. I was lucky enough to attend our first BLOS retreat with Sarah back in early Fall, and I know we became closer through shared experience and stories, and have built a stronger, more trusting bond. I loved watching her do something that she rarely does, and that was to take a vacation during market season and hand the reigns over to others. Not always easy to do, but essential to growth! Thank you, Sarah for being you and tonight, we celebrate your achievements.



1) What was your reaction when you won the BLOS BOSS AWARD?

**Tears of joy, not only at having a group of amazing women to stand next to, but being nominated and voted on by an incredible set of women (BLOS members) who see me for me and embrace me for me.  Many have heard my story about walking into my first BLOS event in 2021 and being really unsure, but knowing that I needed to show up as my authentic self to really know if it was going to be a good fit.  Having enjoyed 2 years since then and showing my true self only to be nominated and awarded the BLOS Boss award just cements that we can succeed without competition and be embraced for who we are.  It also validated my decision to prioritize myself and my business in committing as much as possible to BLOS and the various events and opportunities we were given as members.  I know that showing up in my community has led me to many great friendships in business and a lot of support as I pushed myself to new goals this year.


2) What does this award mean to you and what is something that you do that contributed to you being nominated, and ultimately winning?

**This award means so much to me - and it was not something I even had my sights set on when it was announced.  I think we always desire to be seen in our community and we work hard regardless of what rewards that reap.  But knowing that I have been seen and having so many friends and colleagues (both in and out of BLOS) congratulate me and tell me it was so well-deserved really goes straight to my heart.  It makes a lot of the really hard times, the pushing through, the overcoming self-doubt worth it.  I think part of what contributed to winning this award is making sure I've been welcoming and friendly to those who are on the path that I've been on.  I know how hard it can be to walk into a room and sell yourself before your business.  I do that frequently in my job as Market Director - ensuring small business owners feel they have a place in our vendor family and giving them all the tools necessary to help them succeed.  I try to treat everyone that way with love, kindness and as much cheerleading and support as I can give them, regardless of if we "need" to do business together.    Creating relationships first has been a mantra of mine since starting my own business and I hope to be an example of that in BLOS and my new friendships & relationships.


3) You will help choose next year's BLOS BOSS, what is something that you are going to be keeping your eye out for this next year?

**Absolutely, it was something I was immediately excited about once the shock and awe of winning settled in!


4) What is something you admire in the other two women you were in the top 3 with?

**I admire Lorry for her always-fun and positive attitude.  I don't think I've ever seen her frustrated or upset, and she's always down to try something new.  I know that her business is managing a ton of incredibly talented women and stylists, and everything she shares about her work is positive.  In a world where there could potentially be a lot of drama and gossip, Lorry doesn't ever carry that with her.


**I admire "Marz" for her ability "to get it done".  She is involved with SO much in the business community and will still make time for someone who just wants to pick her brain about an idea.  She's a true powerhouse and leader and I love that she brings an amazing perspective to everything she is involved with.  Add to that, "Marz" always has the energy to fill a room and is constantly smiling and laughing.  I love that about her.


5) As the winner, how would you like to see yourself used for the betterment of our BLOS community?

**I'd love to continue to ensure the women that attend their first or fortieth BLOS event feel what I felt when I attended my first.  The collaboration over competition.  The building of a tribe.  The FUN that we have.  I want more people to know that - especially in the world of solopreneurship where it can be lonely sometimes.  It would be nice to share some wisdom as "BLOS BOSS" at each event - just a nugget - to help women know that it's possible to be successful, create lasting relationships and be your true self.  I'm ready to be helpful in any way that BLOS feels I can be - and I'm really excited for it!


6) I will share what I said about you that night on the webpage, but is there anything you'd like to add?


**Maybe that I'm headed into my 10th year as Market Director.  Something that I had no training in, something that I wanted more than I knew at the time and jumped into head first.  That I was willing to FAIL in a big way but grew my wings on the way down and decided instead to soar.

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