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Updated: Feb 15

Meet Our 2023 VIP AMBASSADOR Beth Graef - Specializing in Vacation Destinations with Travelmation.

Beth smiles through everything and is amazing at what she does. She truly is in the right niche for her! Beth consistently reaches as a top destination planner in her company Travelmation She not only prepares, plans, and books amazing vacations, but this woman knows what she is doing as she is a TRAVEL GODDESS! You name it, she has probably been there (multiple times) or it’s on her bucket list (that will actually get fulfilled!). You see, Beth doesn’t just dream it, she does it… a hundred times over!

We are blessed beyond measure to have her a part of our BLOS family.

BLOS, Business Ladies of Society

1. Tell us about your business:

"I am a full-service travel specialist for all your vacation needs. Booking your trip with me takes the hassle out of planning so you can focus on what really matters".

2. What type of services do you offer?

What is special about your brand?

"I can assist with flights, hotels, cruises, excursions and more! I work with families, groups, and corporations.

I am a full-service travel agent that utilizes my experience and knowledge to create and plan a personalized trip for your family.

I don’t just sell travel. I sell hope and memories. I look forward to bringing your dreams to reality!"