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Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Meet Our 2023 VIP AMBASSADOR Salina Johnson - Host of Spinning Plates Podcast & owner of Fit for Joy coaching,

We are thrilled to introduce you to Salina Johnson, our 2023 VIP Ambassador. In her multi-faceted career as the host of Spinning Plates Podcast and owner of Fit for Joy coaching. With her unique blend of humor, wisdom, positivity and extraordinary passion for life’s journey, she has inspired us all with her mission in life to help others find joy! As one of our Gold Ambassadors, we couldn't be more excited about having her join us; her unique perspective and enthusiasm make her an incredible asset in connecting people with their true passion and purpose!

Join us in celebrating Salina as one of our Gold Ambassadors this year


1. Tell us about your business:

"As a speaker, healthy living partner, and podcast host, called Spinning Plates Podcast, I help busy women create consistency, build a healthy routine, and be more productive through the power of PAUSE."


2. What type of services do you offer? What is special about your brand?

" I offer at home work outs, simple nutrition and powerful mindset tools to equip my clients and followers to learn how to KEEP GOING with JOY. We put so much pressure on ourselves to do it “perfectly or it doesn’t count” which simply isn’t true. Building a consistent, healthy routine takes time and intention and the most beautiful part is that it doesn’t take perfection."


3. How long did it take you to find success?

" I think success is unique to each person. For me, I would say I was about 2 years into coaching when I realized it’s not about being all things to all people, but rather lean into my calling to help other busy women like myself. That’s when I found my tribe and joy in the building our Fit for JOY community. By showing up as my true, authentic self (which to me is really the sign of success), I fell in love with podcasting! Long story, short; I found success when I leaned in to who God created me to be. "


4. How might someone start in this industry?

" See me! I’d love to chat about how to get started. I made a little, tiny decision (or it felt like) 5 years ago to be available for my mom. She saw what I was doing and wanted to start making similar changes. That little decision catapulted this calling bigger and greater than I even imagined it would. I am always growing my team of partners and would love to help someone start like I did."


5. What inspired you to get into the work that you’re doing?

" My own journey. In my late 30’s, I was in a dark place of burnout, frustration, discontentment, disillusionment, and blaming my bitterness and anger on others. It wasn’t who I wanted to be. It wasn’t until I started taking care of myself that I realized that it really wasn’t about other people. It was about my own mental, physical and emotional health. I started moving my body, learned how

to eat clean, and gobbled up personal development podcasts/books like they were candy. It created in me a routine that, not only served me, but ultimately made ready and available to serve those around me with a full, happy heart. I’ll never go back to that other girl, but I’m thankful every day it was her decision that created the woman I am today."


6. When you need support for decision-making in your career, who do you go to or what do you do?

" Such a good question. I have some close coach sisters that I very much respect the way they go about their own businesses. Many here in the BLOS community feed my soul with such good advice. But I would be kidding if I didn’t say the first person I turn to is my mama. She’s wise

and full of faith. She has had her own journey and she reminds me to stay centered on Christ and what He is asking me to do, not what the world says I should do to be “successful”.


7. What motivates you to keep working hard?

" I know there are others that need me to show up. My family needs me to be at my best possible version. Serving others creates that space for me to keep doing the things. It’s a domino effect! And I know there’s a tired, burnt-out mama who needs to see there are quick and effective options for a better way. My heart is for that mama."


8. Do you have any particular goals you wish to achieve 2023?

"More speaking engagements! I’ve found a love for public speaking and I feel called to develop this side of my brand more."


9. What does your family think of what you do for work?

Or maybe more accurately, what do they think you do for


" My family are my biggest fans. My husband (very reluctantly) said OK when I said I wanted to help others with health and fitness. He knew it was something I was feeling called to do, but we didn’t know how it would look. It’s taken some wiggling through and finding balance, but

he sees how much joy I find in this space, so for that reason alone I think he loves encouraging me to keep going. We have 2 amazing boys, Finn (11) and Cole (10). They are literally the reason I said yes to starting to move my body in that dark season of burn out. I had a flash image of my life in 10, 20, 30 years down the road and I didn’t like where it was headed. That moment I decided

that for these boys I would start taking care of myself. I wanted them to have a strong mom. One who could be active and emotionally available to them as they grew. I’m grateful and glad to say that, by the grace of God, they have a mom stronger than I even knew they would (inside and out). I show up as my whole self for them and they feel it. Having one of them join me in our home gym for a Saturday workout reminds."


10. What advice would you give to someone who just started a business?

" Be patient. Change the picture often of what you think it SHOULD look like. Go with your gut. And KEEP GOING! My business has had seasons. Some strong, some quieter. But always it’s worth me showing up. "


I hope you enjoyed what Salina had to share as much as we did! You can find out more about her in the links below:

Facebook: Fit for Joy

Instagram: Mrs.salina.johnson

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